Just Breathe!


Dedicated to Wellbeing

Paola was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She always had an affinity for animals and nature.  This love motivated her studies in Ecology and Biology at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. At twenty one years of age, Paola moved to the United States. 

She attended her first yoga class as a means to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga’s transformative effects on the body, mind, and emotions drew her in.

Since her first class, she’s felt a desire to share yoga with her community, especially children. She enjoys teaching kids and finds they enjoy learning creative postures, pose names, and are given opportunities to create and name some of their own. Her classes for kids offer and encourage expressions of imagination

through a combination of art and yoga.

In addition to teaching yoga to kids, Paola is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Through Reiki, Paola assists clients in releasing energy blocks on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels allowing for greater clarity, understanding, and sense of purpose. She has developed a curriculum with emphasis in teaching Reiki to kids and teens whose benefits include greater self awareness, focus, and stress relief. 

Paola’s love of nature keeps her immersed in the outdoors through hiking, biking and photography. She loves animals, owls and unicorns in particular. 

Painting is one of Paola’s passions. It is the means through which her creative vision finds expression. The inspiration from which she creates her artwork arises from having watched her Grandma paint when she was a child. Watching her, Paola learned about color, dimension, and texture. “There comes a moment when the painting starts creating itself through the artist.” Paola witnessed this watching her Grandma Rosa…Later on, Paola experienced it through creating her own paintings. “My Grandma lives in every piece I create…I dedicate this page to her…Rosa.”

Stillness speaks:)

"It is in the stillness that we save and transform the world"

` Eckhart Tolle